TREVOR LINDEN: On his home, career, sports and life after hockey

Trevor LindenTREVOR LINDEN: On life after hockey

Former Vancouver Canucks hockey star Trevor Linden talks about his home, real estate, sports and fitness 

CAROL: Tell me about your home. 

TREVOR LINDEN: I bought my first home in Vancouver at Kitsilano Point in 1991, a duplex that I still own. In 2002 when I returned to the Canucks, I bought the oceanfront house we now live in on Point Grey Road. It’s a contemporary 60s style with a spectacular view, and it’s never been fully renovated. 

We did a “paint and sweep” to freshen it up when we bought it, with the intention of completing a major renovation one day, which turned out so well that we’re enjoying it as is.

It has a beautiful patio overlooking the ocean accessed by huge French doors from the living and dining area so feels very indoor-outdoor in good weather.

CAROL: I interviewed you for a wedding magazine in 1995 when you first got married to Cristina. What do you and your wife now like to do in your spare time?

TREVOR LINDEN: We love entertaining. The one room we had completely redesigned in our house is the kitchen — Cristina does the cooking so I wanted to provide a good environment for her; she’s a fantastic chef.

I have many single friends who know they’re on the guest list for dinner at least one night a week so we have a large dining table. I’m the cleanup guy.

I’ve figured out that I’m a lot like my mother; we both enjoy doing the dishes by hand. The kitchen is in the back of the house, separated from other areas by a courtyard so people don’t watch me do it. 

CAROL: What’s your favourite place to spend time?

TREVOR LINDEN: In my favourite room: my living room facing the ocean and mountains. It has a comfortable Italian sofa with a chaise at one end.

There is a large gas fireplace and a hidden flat screen TV secured to the wall. This is the room we use most of the time even though we have a TV room elsewhere. 

Trevor On IceCAROL: In life after hockey, you still get lots of exercise. 

TREVOR LINDEN: Most of my fitness happens outdoors ─ I have a closet full of sports equipment. Outside, I cycle (road and mountain bike), cross country ski, run and hike.

I no longer play hockey, even casually, but I enjoy watching others play. 

CAROL: Do you compete in cycling? You once emailed me from Europe where you were in a very difficult mountain bike race.

TREVOR LINDEN: It was just for fun. 

Club 16 Trevor Linden FitnessCAROL: You went into partnership to open Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness. Why? 

TREVOR LINDEN: I used to have the best job in the world where I got paid to stay in shape. Now this working-for-a-living means I have to find time during the busy day to fit exercise in. I had to get inspired to go to the gym. 

I looked at the opportunity that I was presented with, and since fitness has been a big part of my life, I was really excited about it. It appeals to people from a cost standpoint and we wanted to take out the intimidation factor. Also, I didn’t want to just have my name on the building. I wanted to train there, too.

CAROL: Do you keep hockey mementos? 

TREVOR LINDEN: I don’t have hockey memorabilia in the house, except for one piece in my downstairs office; my brothers tracked down my first rookie jersey. They presented it to me when I played my 1,000th game. 

CAROL: You like art, though.

TREVOR LINDEN: Yes. We have a beautiful E.J. Hughes painting depicting the Okanagan Valley’s Kalamalka Lake that’s a prized possession partly because we have a home in the Okanagan.

It’s a little 60s beach-house-rancher on the lake, a fun place for easy living in the summer. In the winter we spend time at our home in Whistler.

CAROL: Speaking of homes, you’re also a real estate developer. 

TREVOR LINDEN: I have a passion for real estate, and so have worked with my brother, Jamie and his company Linden Construction, as partner, and with The Airey Group on development projects.

Jamie is a talented builder. For example, we completed two very contemporary homes in Point Grey with Evoke International Design. In one of the home’s interiors, Jamie created a 30-foot exposed concrete wall with a floating stairway descending out of it.

A large skylight reflects light onto the wall’s smooth, shock-treated texture. We both love modern architecture, which does not simply mean a clean-lined square shape; it’s in the details.



Article by Carol Crenna featured in Canada Wide’s BC Home Magazine



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