Testimonials from participants in my weight loss courses from 2009 to 2012:   

“Carol’s teaching will not only touch your heart, but will take you on a journey of      self discovery about your health and why you’re overweight. From this little course of miracles, I learned how to get a grip on my weight and to stop the insanity of overeating the wrong foods — I lost 15 pounds during the course. We have been flogged with diet information for years. Now Carol, with her brilliant, yet simple approach, unravels the mystery around food and the impact it has on our bodies. Her classes are packed with “light bulb moments”. On the last day of the course, I spoke with three people who seemed like different people than those who began it; they were really excited about what had happened to them. I believe it’s called ‘enlightenment’.” EVA, 63

“I will never forget you Carol Crenna for what you have taught me. I have learned so many techniques from your course; you have changed my life and my eating style; which I realize now is key to my survival. My high blood pressure is almost down to normal; I’m walking faster; I’m now my lightest weight in 20 years; and, at 69, I am beginning to feel younger. The pain I had in my gut due to disorderly or untimely eating is gone. Now I try to analyze myself before eating, and I have become happier. I learned that growing emotionally is very healthy and positive. I learned more from you than my family doctor, and have told my wife many times that it’s the little techniques I’ve learned that mean a lot.”  SHERLOCK, 69

“I can attest to this course’s effectiveness. I lost 25 pounds during the program though I have struggled with my weight all of my life. In this comprehensive course, Carol examines the why’s and how’s of dieting. Compared to the other weight loss programs that I have tried in the past (including a program organized through the hospital), its effectiveness comes from in-depth examination of all sides of the complicated diet equation. She explains the emotional and habitual basis for each person’s daily food intake and unconscious attachment to long-established patterns. She also demonstrates the benefits and detriments to many of the common foods that we eat daily.”  KIM  (male), 70

 “I have struggled with weight and diets all my life. I always gained what I lost and was never able to keep the weight off. This course taught me how to deal with my emotions which were causing my bad eating habits. I was not aware of my “hidden” emotions and past trauma which were brought up during the lessons. I can now think rationally before I start eating and be aware of what I put in my mouth. I always thought I knew what the healthiest foods were, but I realized that this was not true during the course.”  JEAN, 68

“I have changed the eating habits of my whole family, and anyone else willing to listen! There is so much confusion out there regarding food, its ingredients and content. Carol was able to educate us in a very concise way. I found Carol’s information on why people over-eat, exercise, portion size, and the body’s nutritional needs to be most useful. I regularly check back to read her notes.“ LIESJE, 48

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course because I have finally become aware of my body’s needs. Carol has taught me that losing weight isn’t about the scale but about how well I’m treating myself physically and mentally. Her class material was meticulously thought through and inspiring to read. Carol’s passion for nutrition and helping others makes her an inspiring teacher who has helped change the way I view my body, lifestyle and priorities.” SHEENA, 30

 “Carol’s course helped reunite my Mind with my Body! Her generosity and skill as a teacher and her experience as a nutritionist made this course very worthwhile for me. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in getting a handle on what is causing weight gain and getting tips for improving health in general.” LESLEY, 64

  “You are a very generous soul. I would heartily recommend this course to anyone wanting to lose weight, particularly to those who have become discouraged about it. This enormously helpful program is designed around all aspects of sustainable weight loss, not just temporary loss achieved through conventional dieting. Carol is extremely knowledgeable, targeted our individual weight issues, and provided well researched, thoughtful advice.” JANE, 52                                                                                                                     

“This is a thorough and informative course. Carol emphasizes that we must ‘get healthy to lose weight rather than losing weight to get healthy’ in a positive and supportive atmosphere. She explores many of the reasons we gain weight such as emotional eating, portion size and unexpected sugar in prepared foods. I highly recommend her course.”  MARIANNE, 45

 “Your class was an eye-opener for me. Over the years, I have taken several diet classes and two nutrition classes as well. The information was there, but the teaching and delivery do not compare to your kind and practical way of helping each of our individual needs.”  DIANNE, 59 

“Carol Crenna presents topics with such passion that it makes you want to carry them out.” JOHN, 55

“I enjoyed Carol’s program immensely, which was a very different approach from the weight loss classes I’ve attended in the past.  Many things she said hit a chord with me, especially learning to love and respect yourself which makes you treat your body better. This was an “ah ha” moment for me. The idea of really listening to your body’s needs, and being able to feel, for example, if what you just ate is having a negative impact on your system, made so much sense. I felt much more energetic after doing her cleansing diet for one week, and I lost 4 lbs! Carol, you are a great mentor, and the information you shared with us was very valuable for me.” PEGGY, 60

“I loved your course. It was so thorough. I’m happy I attended. Thank you so much for all of the great nutrition information, and especially for information on emotional eating. I’m on my way to being healthier. One day at a time. I’m committed. You’re doing a wonderful thing for people like me.” CAROL, 55 

“I really enjoyed the classes, and appreciate all of the great tips/ideas that you provided. I found that I have incorporated quite a few tips without too much difficulty. My motivation for signing up for your class was to make sustainable changes so that I can truly enjoy life. I was lacking focus and motivation, and taking your class has given both of these to me, and I lost 7 pounds! I want to be able to continue with the activities I love as I age, and although it might take me longer to climb a mountain, I still want to be able to climb that mountain. Thank you so much for sharing all of your information and stories.”KARIN, 45


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