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Carol Crenna June 2014


Carol Crenna June 2014







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Carol Crenna has been a lifestyles and celebrity-profile journalist for 30 years for publications across Canada and the US, including nine years as columnist for the daily newspaper The Vancouver Sun. She was the editor of a national health magazine for 7 years, and has contributed to magazines in New York, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.  She has written features for magazines including Reader’s Digest, MORE Magazine, Best Health Magazine, and Weight Watchers Magazine.

Carol has been a certified nutritionist for 11 years. She currently teaches six-week and two-day healthy weight loss courses in Vancouver, Canada through a university, college and school board. She also gives lectures to health organizations including The Leukemia and Lymphoma Association, Stroke Recovery Association of BC, and GF Strong Amputees Support Group.

She will be launching a book based on her course’s proven principles. She also gives healthy lifestyle lectures, a Healthy Habits program to corporations that includes a newsletter and lunch-and-learn lectures. She has been an instructor and director at three colleges, hosted two cable TV shows and has been featured regularly on radio and television, and has been a guest speaker in Canada and the US.


Carol was a fashion editor for 16 years, contributing to international publications, and wrote and illustrated a popular weekly fashion column.  She had an “ah ha!” moment, however, when she realized that beauty and style come from being “fashionably healthy” on the inside rather than from makeup, clothing and forced diets that change the outside. As a result, she switched careers from fashion to nutrition and natural health. She has a passionate interest in simplifying health for the masses, and would like to stimulate, motivate and create that moment when the reader recognizes the vital connection between health and happiness. She had this moment in her 30s after spending a decade living an “unconscious” lifestyle, and yo-yo’ed from 15 to 30 pounds overweight. She has been living at her ideal weight for 15 years, and, at age 50, is vibrant, energetic and healthfully lean. 


For the past 25 years, Carol has had a fascination with the stories of those individuals who have made a difference, and made their mark in society, boldly doing what others only dream about. It is these individuals who, intentionally or not,  inspire changes, in others.

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  1. Your course Why Weight? was cancelled recently at Kitsilano Community Centre. Are you teaching it or a similar course in the Lower Mainland this Fall?

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